Code of Conduct / Ethics

Ethics and values are supporting and guiding our way of thinking and direct our actions while dealing whether as a services provider, with our suppliers and/or between our team members. We consider it our duty to uphold our values and maintain our credibility on day to day basis.

We ensure that the standards in this code are communicated to and understood by our team members.


        Comply with relevant laws and licence requirements;

        Acting with responsibility, integrity and give proper consideration to the interests of our customers;

        Maintain confidentiality of information disclosed to us by our customers;

        Avoid any conflict might arise between personal interests and our duties to our customers;

        Avoid any conflict of interests might arise between any of our competing customers;

        Corruption in any form, whether direct or indirect, is not tolerated;

        Competence does not undermine our values and standards;

        Acting with due expertise and provide skilful and objective recommendations;

        Respecting the limits of authorization provided by our principal;

        Providing and/or accepting gifts in any form is totally prohibited except the occasional gifts which are provided as part of accepted business practice and ensuring that no conflict with duties to customers / suppliers may occur;

        We are always keen to maintain a win win situation with our customers.


        Respect and decency are our key values in treating people whether indoor or outdoor;

        Acting fairly, openly and show equal respect to our employees, suppliers and customers;

        Helping our team members to develop their knowledge, skills and potential;

        Encouraging our employees to be responsible, work effectively and trustworthy at work;

        Ensuring to work within a friendly and secure work environment.