Welcome to CIO - Cairo Inspectorate Organization

Our firm is established since 1962 and registered by the EFSA - Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority under No. 31 while their owners loss adjusters were registered under 28 and 1125 according to the regulation of the EFSA. CIO offers a Complete Claim Management Service for all types of insurance claims. Upon appointment and irrespective of the claim size, we are keen to treat each claim with the same level of professionalism. Accordingly, a dedicated claim manager is assigned for our principal/assignor and act on their behalf to protect their interests through all the various aspects of the claim.    More Info...

Risk Assessors
Risk Assessors carry out a risk assessment survey of a commercial / domestic property proposed for insurance.
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Loss Adjusters
Loss Adjusters are appointed & paid by the insurers to assess, based on the policy terms & conditions, the validity.
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  • Commercial Property
    .  Fire Claims
    .  Theft Claims
    .  BI Claims
    .  Liability Claims
  • Marine/Inland Cargo
    Cargo Claims
    Pre-risk Survey
  • Engineering Insurance
      CPM/ CAR/ EAR/
        EEI Claims

    .  MB Claims
  • Risk Assessment
      Risk Assessment