Marine / Inland Cargo Insurance Claim

Cargo Claim Survey

  • Inspecting the general condition of the goods and their packing sufficiency for the marine voyage.
  • Investigating the proximate cause, nature and extent of damage to cargo and assessment the loss in light of the terms and conditions of the marine insurance policy.
  • Mitigating losses by taking all the preventive measures and/or acquiring salvage value in the local market whether by direct sale or organized auction, based on the insurer’s request.
  • Investigating the extent of liability of the involved parties and concluding the necessary recovery actions.
  • Investigation as to Non-delivery, short shipped claims cargoes.
  • Theft and pilferage investigations.
  • Cargo contamination surveys.

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Claim Settlement
Where we are acting as Survey and Settling Agent and according to an official mutual agreement with the insurer, a fund is reserved for large accounts and repetitive claims, to settle claims within certain amounts limits and based on specific conditions on behalf of our principal.

We provide consistent accounting reports on a regular basis i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.., for the settled claims. The principal makes one single payment to refund us. The most advantage to act as settling agent is the claimants get their indemnity promptly and the insurer is saving efforts and expenses.

In case the insurer prefers to settle case by case and after their approval, we provide all the supportive documents and handle all the necessary negotiation and after the insurer's approval we settle the claim and then be re-fund.