Why CIO?

We believe in team work rather independent individual effort, to get the best result, thus at CIO we have the best team who act and keeping our core values of:-

  • Caring of the customer’s interest;
  • Dedication, to fulfill any need may arise while handling the claim in question,
  • Professionalism, we are keen to develop the skills of our team,
  • Creativity, is important at the same degree of technical skill, thus we are seeking innovative solutions

CIO offers a Complete Claim Management Service for all types of insurance claims. Upon appointment and irrespective of the claim size, we are keen to treat each claim with the same level of professionalism. Accordingly, a dedicated claim manager is assigned for our principal/assignor and act on their behalf to protect their interests through all the various aspects of the claim. Our principals are able through our Claim Management System to follow up the progress of their outstanding cases.

Though we can conclude our role independently, we accept to be assigned in association with other appointed loss adjusters according to the insurer’s leadership.